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Far Beyond
Within ten paces I sit.
Within reach, yet far beyond.
Can I hold.
Can I feel.
Forbidden from the touch of the one Ilove.
Within ten paces I sit
I reach within nine.
Too short to grasp.
Denied the truth of what I feel.
I see what it could be.
Know where it could go
Yet denied are the feelings that we have to share.
Nothing to hide, yet everything to lose.
Tell me the truth.....
Do you love me too?
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Mature content
Derailed :iconacathius:Acathius 1 0
Slowly it flows, from elbow to fingers.
Rivers of crimson become the waterfalls of lifes essence
Full of purpose, driven by pain blood flows freely from the vein
How could this have come to pass, all my feelings drawn from the past
The cold numb removes all doubt
The end is near, I wish you all the best
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Ashamed now I see redemption
Everything I wanted received, but too late did I realize
What have I done
Have I not been good
Things I thought were needed always given
Things told to busy to listen
Never did I see this outcome
Forever I said and forever I hoped, forever to be without again
But blind I lay in this pile I made out of broken promises and unfufilled wishes
only to be left with myself and the thought that I had it all and let it go.
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Who am I
you look yet what do you see. nothing, not a man, not a boy, no that title is to good for what i am. are you happy, i've been beaten, i've lost control, i am not where i want to be. are you pleased with yourself. thanks, thanks for nothing. nothing. nothing. nothing you've done has helped. you can't help me, you can't help yourself. no one can help, why don't you let them help. help is to good for me, help is not what i deserve. destitution that is what i deserve nothing more, nothing less, nothing, nothing, nothing i have given, nothing i have earned, everything i have taken, nothing ever returned. when, when, when will i give the things i have always gotten, but always rejected. give me no pity, that i do not deserve everything done has been done by me and no one else. don't say sorry for the decisions i made in life do not take away any of the blame dont you dare take the blame away it is my burden to bare and alone i shall always be. my head says nothing to me anymore no more stori
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Through the glass I peer at the former being that I once was.
Alone, Scared, Afraid to admit defeat, Yet Defeated only by the fact that I was so afraid to admit.
Admittance of normality the Arch enemy of all teenage souls, there was no winning the battle.
Acceptance the only true weapon against my enemy's, yet none in sight.
How did this weak individual mutate into the being i am today.
Afraid no longer of admittance that I was as all are.
gone from no one understands to of course you do you went through the same shit, just in different form.
Where was the transition, was it from the realization that I could not fight alone.
An Ideal i once considered defeat, but was it defeat i encountered in the acceptance of anothers help, or was it salvation.
I'm alive and that my friends is what I would consider a miracle.
If not for that salvation I encountered it would be difficult to say the same.
I stand before my judgement with no regrets in life and no wish to change any decisions made by my
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An angel shines through the darkness of my lonely soul.
Hands reach out to grasp the fading image of my only chance at happiness.
Grasp at the foot of purity the cold of the skin brings unknown life to my breath.
Like being surrounded by the feeling of hope when all that has been was hopelessness.
I hold my darling long, feeling nothing at all but the truth of love inside our hearts, never wanting to let go.
Never fly again, never leave me alone, Never to fly again.
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Fall from grace
Today I made a woman cry, tears streamed out of her brilliant eyes. Now we sit face to face never to return to grace. Never did I mean to make you cry, you'll hold my heart till the day I die.
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Let it shine.
Let it shine.
This light that chase the shadows away.
Part the clouds and send it my way.
These scars they run deep, but these wounds they will heal.
The skin that covers is thicker than steel.
I stand at the doorway of life and past judgements.
Open the door and begin with new substance.
So let it shine, let it bind, let it fall from the heavens and throw back the blinds. Open my eyes, rip off this disguise.
I am who I am and that is my pride.
The joy of this life no longer a mystery and now I reclaim this light that was given me.
Bright as the stars these eyes that look back at me, the future within them I see it so clearly.
Hold me forever, succumb to the light.
Our future is open and as bright as this light.
So let it shine.
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Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: St. Louis
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Personal Quote: "Life is a practical joke played on those that take themselves too seriously."


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